ITCA has initiated the ambitious "75 Student Satellites' Mission 2022" in collaboration with National and International tech-space organisations. The mission comprises a consortium of Institutions who would be developing and launching their own student-built satellites by 2022. ITCA is glad to share that currently 32 institutions are part of this consortium and their teams would be progressing to 'deep-dive' technology-capability-business potential assessments with ITCA's mentors and domain experts.

Israel is renowned as the land of disruptive innovators and incredible technology talent referred to as 'best in the world' with numerous success stories including High-School Students built satellites which are orbiting successfully for long periods of time.

The development of the frame work covers launch low-earth orbit (LEO)- potentially for monitoring, assessments and transmissions with the provision for establishment of small satellite low ranges, applications for specific sector with safety and security. Engineer Your Satellite! (EYS) programme is a real-time work-based application programme designed and managed by the ITCA Secretariat in partnership with Universities/Institutes/Colleges and Knowledge Based Industry in the space-sector, with the mission to enhance skilled academic education to prepare universities/institutes/colleges for ground reality with effective introduction to their future professions in the space sector.

ITCA is furthering on the Space Tech Steering Committee with representatives from institutions/universities/ colleges and knowledge base industries, this premier space trade steering committee for all companies operating – universities/institutions, companies, departments to partner in this mega 75 Student Small Satellite Mission 2022. Creating an opportunity for the space technology interest based organisations and companies. Dr.LV Muralikrishna Reddy, is negotiating with the emerged space agencies from the UK, Europe and the USA for technology enhancements and investor partnerships including manufacture, launch and commercialisation support for the sector specific small satellites. Dr.LV Muralikrishna Reddy is working with Mr. Ofir Akunis, Minister, The Department of Science and Technology, Israel in improving the small satellite cooperation.

ITCA is encouraging the diversification of students, graduates and professionals from institutes, colleges, universities and knowledge-based industries who are keen participation in the space tech activities, the International Small Satellite Summits focused on technical, legislative and financial aspects. ITCA has leading experts discussing the latest strategies to develop small satellite systems, storage as a service, optimisation including ranges, India's role in Small Satellite Range cost reduction, maximising O&M and commercialising factors and more. With customers attending from Institutes, Universities, Government Departments and Enterprises, this pilot inaugural 75 Students Satellites Mission 2022 paved the foundation for many more real-time application-based programmes for continual ITCAs' featured programmes.

International Student Satellite Programme

The ITCA has initiated a series of summits, conferences and events on the 75 Students Satellites Mission 2022. Coinciding with the inauguration of ITC-2018, the first International Seminar on "Students Satellites Mission" was organized during 5-6 September 2018 at NIMHANS Auditorium, Bangalore. The key note speakers and speakers included from India, Israel, USA and the UK. The two-day conference was well attended by the industry, academia and government officials, this discussion were well deliberated on the mission.

Based on the overwhelming response from Institutions evincing their interest, the Second International programme also organized during 28-29 November 2018 in Bengaluru focused on the India at 75 and Israel at 70. Both the countries having the same premise have initiated the programme and at the same time to facilitate institutions to join and expand the consortium.

Israel speakers elaborated on the frame work of Israel 70 and the Indian Speakers included the 75 Student Satellite Mission 2022. ITCA has 36 institutions on the space tech consortium. The ITCA has planned workshops, events for the partnered institutions at their campus for initiating the satellite programme. These initiatives by the institutes in support of ITCA will improve the awareness of the digital technologies especially the space technologies. ITCA will support the institutes in enhancing the space technology by assisting in setting up of research labs, centre of excellences and skills for all levels, which will be, if not on par with international research centres.

Indo-Israel Space Tech Leadership Programme

India's only technology association for the academia and public sector, initiated India's first Space Tech Leadership visit to Israel for the 75 Student Satellite Mission 2022. The delegation had all the senior decision makers from the ITCA Space Tech Consortia. The delegation was very well received by Israel Government and Israeli Organisation TMISAT and are keen in furthering the satellite mission of their institute along with ITCA, this is the first in series for 2019, which was held during 10-15 February 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel.

About ITCA

Technology, as a product of the art of science, nurtured by engineering tools and techniques, has played a stellar role in powering growth; shaping the culture and transforming society. Indian Technology Congress (ITC) over the last 15 years attained international prominence as a unique platform fostering Industry-Academia-Research Labs-Policy Makers' collaboration with the objective of capacity-building for global technological progress.

The need for a dedicated Association for Technologists comprising of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers has been echoed at many summits, fora, including at the previous editions of ITC; and has been gaining strength and momentum with the call to establish an Association under the Societies Registration Act. During the recently concluded ITC-2017, a resolution was unanimously adopted in the Bangalore Declaration that Technology Professionals from the industry, R&D Laboratories, and Academic Institutions should collaborate and 'institutionalize' the synergy by establishing the Indian Technology Congress Association (ITCA).

The envisioned objectives of ITCA would include advancing and promoting the cause of technology in India and abroad; organizing annual meets / thematic expositions to promote R&D and collaboration leading to the advancement of technology; publishing country reports, journals and transactions as may be contextually relevant; taking up the consultancy and studies; and instituting and presenting Awards to recognize and honour significant contributions by individuals and organizations.

ITCA enshrining these objectives and ideas has been formally registered at Bangalore on 03 January 2018. While these were the initial thoughts, it is anticipated that refinements would happen as members collaborate and ITCA evolves over the coming months. The initial Memorandum / Articles of Association, and the associated set of byelaws is intended to set the context for growth of ITCA.

ITCA Consortium Member

Institutional Membership is open to all industries, Corporate, Universities, Colleges, Government departments and R&D Organizations interested in promoting the Aims and Objectives of the Association. Each Academic Institutional Member may nominate two persons who can enjoy all the privileges of Members of the Association. Membership for others not falling under the above-mentioned categories may be considered subject to the approval of the Council on a case-to-case basis.

An Institution paying a subscription as stipulated by the Association from time to time shall be eligible to nominate two persons as its representative to attend the Annual Session of the Technology Congress. Donors and Institutional Member shall be eligible to receive, free of cost, a copy of the complete set of Proceedings of the Annual Congress and also a copy each of the Association's publications.

Take Away

  • Institutional Partner with ITCA (75 Student Satellites' Mission 2022)
  • Logo on Website and other Materials
  • One Year ITCA Institutional Membership Free (worth Rs. 1,00,000/-)
  • Priority in Signing LoI and MoU
  • Access to Funding (Soft Loan)
  • Member of Consortium can have Joint Development of Students Satellite/ Post Event Training/ Internships on Small Satellites