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Engineer Your Satellite Launch

ITCA has envisioned a unique initiative for Indian Academia to design, develop and launch student-built satellites under the programme "75 Student Satellites' Mission 2022" to galvanise the expansion of the space technology ecosystem in the country. Globally, Israel has been a pioneer in developing and successfully launching student-built satellites into orbit, and ITCA has built strong alliances and synergy with Israeli institutions and organisations to leverage this expertise. ITCA's consortium partners can utilise this framework of indigenousness for replication and progression of their Institutional Student Satellite programmes to complete within projected schedule & budgets and successful launch. To enlighten the Indian Academia, an exploratory visit is organised to Israel with the objective of facilitating interaction with Israeli organisations which are into space technologies including successful student satellite development and launch. The expected takeaways of the visit include a comprehensive understanding of the student satellite development life-cycle, the associated best practices, networking opportunities with experts and exploring funding opportunities.

The Scope of the Programme

ITCA's National Programme for the development of 75 Student satellites is to commemorate India's Independence during 2022. To strengthen the mentoring process and inspire confidence for the partnering institutions, ITCA has built a profound and wide-ranging network of leading international experts who would support the institutions during various phases of the satellite development life-cycle. The process of creating the framework for achieving the mission objectives by the partnering Institutions of developing, launching and deploying satellites into orbit by their teams is progressing well with International space-tech organisations including Israeli institutions.

The scope of the exploratory visits is to adopt best practices for building the credence of Indian Academia that the student satellite development initiatives can be successful and protect the investments made by stakeholders. This inter-disciplinary programme would also help to build global alliances for knowledge-based institutions to establish linkages with best-of-class international institutions and organisations. The blended study visits will as well augment Indian Academia's research and development facilities precisely in space-tech by attracting Israeli diaspora of institutional enterprises.

Engagement Tracks

Institutions intending to participate in the exploratory visit to Israel will have two thematic tracks opportunities.

The EYS Indo-Israel Space-Tech Leadership Programme of the Student Satellite activity are for senior faculty, management and decision-makers to explore the possibilities and build condence to take up such complex technology development missions in their institutions.

The EYS Indo-Israel Space-Tech Competency Programme focused on blended training cum immersion visits to the teams associated with student satellite development missions of the institutions and expected to learn best practices and hands-on experience on critical technologies associated with student satellite development missions.

The study cum training blended visits will have allembracing content delivered by universities, research and development labs, and industrial centres with illustrative case studies of successful Satellite Development Missions.

India-Israel Initiatives on Satellite Technology and Space Systems

Through collaborations with ITCA's Indo-Israeli Nanosatellite Programme, academic institutions in India will be able to leverage the end-to-end life-cycle expertise including design, development, manufacture, integration, testing, launch services facilitation and satellite operations, thereby building a highperformance Space-Tech ecosystem at their institution.

ITCA embarked on satellite development ecosystem in academia has prearranged two international programmes in association with Israeli organisations along with partnering institutions and knowledge-based industry in September 2018 and November 2018. To leverage, this unique oering for up-scaling academia's satellite technology competency, ITCA has partnered with TMISAT and other Israeli organisations to progress this exemplary initiative using specially planned collaboration models besides network-focused engagement tracks through "Engineer Your Satellite Launch" Programme.

75 Student Satellites' Mission

Student Satellites gained prominence globally and has emerged as a trend to build experiential learning and demonstrate enhanced practice-based outcomes in engineering institutions. Indian Technology Congress Association (ITCA), a platform for technology adherents working to stimulate multi-disciplinary capabilities in tomorrow's workforce is actively partnering with Academic Institutions, Industry, and Research Labs to conceptualise, develop and launch a distinctive programme of "75 Student Satellites' Mission 2022" in the consortium model.

The inspiration for this activity is the democratisation of space that is taking place thanks to the advances in multiple domains and the miniaturisation of components and systems. For a nation that is growing at a fast pace, student satellite mission presents a unique opportunity to develop innovative public-private partnerships to enhance education at all levels..

Partnering Institutions of this mission are expected to enhance student skills, employability, International technology culture, entrepreneurship mindset through start-up and collaborative incubations within Institution in partnership with Industry & R&D Organisations. These transferable skills can be utilised by students to achieve success in any engineering projects they would be involved in during their extended career. To become consortium member, please contact ITCA Secretariat.

Programme Schedule of Exploratory Visits

Why Engineer Your Satellite (EYS)?

Engineer Your Satellite (EYS) is the up-skilling and certication initiative of ITCA to augment the agship programme "75 Student Satellite Mission 2022". EYS initiatives expected to enhance the faculty & the student competencies and eectively contribute to their envisioned ambitious project missions of studentsatellite-development which will in-turn precisely advance the sat-ecosystems in the country.

ITCA has carefully fostered a serious capacity building programmes including international visits, practiced based learning, on-campus skilling, workshops etc. to maximize the learning outcomes of the stakeholders for excellent contributions to project missions.

EYS designed exploratory visits to Israel are bespoke of the industry standards for addressing immediate competency-based Space skill enhancement in pursuit of long-term success of the mission.


All EYS Global Certications will augment the competency of participants and positively contribute to the development of student satellites by the academia. Certication will be accredited by participating in Indian and International organisations. The EYS Indo-Israel SpaceTech Certication will be given to participants of both the tracks.

Indo-Israel Space-Tech Leadership Programme for Management, Decision Makers, key faculty members of the Institution

Indo-Israel Space-Tech Competency Programme for Key faculty members and Students of the Institution