Engineer Your Satellite ( EYS )

Engineer Your Satellite (EYS) is the up-skilling and certification initiatives of ITCA to augment the Flagship programme "75 Student Satellite Mission 2022". EYS initiatives expected to enhance the faculty & the student competencies and effectively contribute to their envisioned ambitious project missions of student satellite-development which will in-turn precisely advance the sat-ecosystems in the country.

ITCA has carefully fostered a serious capacity building programmes including international visits, practiced based learning, on-campus skilling, workshops etc. to maximize the learning outcomes of the stakeholders for excellent contributions to project missions.

EYS designed exploratory visits to Israel are bespoke of the industry standards for addressing immediate competency-based Space skill enhancement in pursuit of long-term success of the mission.


We carry out strategic Mission Analysis, System Engineering, Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC), Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS), Ground Segment Systems and On-board Software Systems, conducting engineering design, algorithms definition, testing, operational software development, system integration, validation, deployment, and support to commissioning and operations.

TMISAT provides of hi tech space products and services. Our group of scientists, engineers and designers innovate, design and create a broad range of applications for space. We focus our extensive and diverse background in spaceflight, consulting and research work with pool of experience in managing complex, limelight projects for school, institutes, colleges and universities, small and large space knowledge based firms, and businesses of all sizes accomplishing their dreams of space technology and re-innovate.

The silver lining characteristic of TMISAT is that the company is present in all the phases of a space mission design and development for all the 75 Student Satellite Missions and Israel 70 Missions, in the fields of Science and Exploration, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness. Furthermore, we have developed the capability of carrying out complete space missions, as it has been demonstrated with the great commercial and technical success of the missions Duchifat-1, Duchifat-2 and now about to launch this year Duchifat- 3.

Space Science & Exploration

The challenge of space exploration drives innovation in science and technology is growing in emerging India space industry. ITCA's Space Tech Group is India's leader in space science and exploration working closely with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Israel Space Agency (ISA) and other national space universities, research centres and industry around the world to develop evidence based technology and concepts for breakthrough space missions.

Working on the cutting-edge technology that develops to understand the environment of the new space is implementation to practical challenges. This research updates on world-leading Physical Sciences – over 1,000 people study from the universities, institutes and colleges in Space MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). This initiative on space research engages with the public and inspires the next generation of Space Professionals

Satellite Navigation

The digital logistics very much progressing on the decks for aeroplanes and ships, most of these are remotely controlled and needs for precision technology, collaborating the effective software and space technologies will only improve the spatial and situational awareness of the systems. The Space Tech Group is working with the institutes, colleges and universities in collaborative projects in enhancing the use of big data in shipping and aviation, including technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and data analytics. This could help to improve operational efficiency, reliability and safety.

Earth Observation

ITCA's Space Tech Group offers Earth observation systems based on several platforms, with many spatial resolutions. The satellites which will be built by the Space Tech Consortia will have the Space Tech Group first operational systems in orbit by early 2020. Space Tech Group's existing HSC facilities represent the association's satellite integration centre, with dedicated premises such as a clean room, antenna and a control centre for satellite monitoring and control.

In addition, Space Tech Group is currently working on several initiatives and breakthrough technologies to improve Earth Observation data in terms of quality and cost. The programme carried out by Space Tech Group for Earth observation include launch window calculation, eclipse analysis, trajectory definition, orbit maintenance, lifetime studies and risk assessment. Space Tech Group is expanding capabilities in real-time systems include the development of on-board software systems such as on-board computers, avionics, control units, and on-board data handling. In this field, Space Tech Group has participated in the HSC mission Duchifat-3 to be launched, in addition to its own mission to be developed in 2020.

Space Situational Awareness

Space Tech Group has one of initiatives on Space Situational Awareness (SSA) activities across India for Space Weather, Surveillance and Tracking and Near-Earth Objects. The group is developing the expertise on the analysis, design, development and operation services. Space weather has many effects on spacecraft, aeroplanes, power grids and space systems. Forecasting may help the corporations of these systems to mitigate the effects.


The Maz Investment Limited is the first open-ended investment company with the Entrepreneurial Capital Group, based in Israel. The Maz Investment Limited invests in early and later stage game-changing businesses, without geographic limitations. Track record in backing founders from emerging countries and Israel.

Educational Modules

Soon Live

"Free New Space Demo Module" initiative is created especially for Indian Universities, Institutes, Colleges and schools. Space Tech Group is providing free satellite educational modules, based on its most advanced satellite communication systems.

Up-to 15 demo communication modules will be provided for free to Indian schools, universities and research organizations, making Space Tech Group the biggest single outreach effort in Indian Space Sector. The students will be able to learn online through New SpaceTechTool while practicing their skills using real satellite communication modules.

E-Learning Tool

Soon Live

The E-learning Tool main goal is to teach and guide students, customers and future partners on how to use developed satellite communication modules.

More than 10 hours of educational content has been developed, covering all topics from satellite communication principles to actual concrete use cases using satellite modules. The educational materials have been developed in cooperation with Herziliya Science Center and have been added online – the biggest space educational platform in India.